1. 3 Karls in Shibuya!! So Kawaii 

    More exhibiton photos here: http://www.tokidoki.it/blog/2013/12/parco-event-shibuya-roundup/


  2. Some new Holiday additions on the website! Love this shirt! Kawaii!


  3. New Tokidoki Leggings! Kawaii <3


  4. Kawaii tokidoki Christmas stockings! 


  5. JapanLa for Tokidoki! So Kawaii!!!

    Super cute Unicorno print leggings and dress! Love!

    Here: http://www.tokidoki.it/shop/new-arrivals/tokidoki-unicorno-leggings.html


  6. Merry Christmas! 17 days left


  7. Tokidoki for East Pak

    Limited to 1 (sadly) SOLD OUT.

    Anyways the projects profit goes to Designers Against Aids! Check out their other products.


  8. Dynomighty x Tokidoki Wallets

    Alwasy loved Dynomighty wallets!


  9. DIY Christmas Unicorno

    18 days left!


  10. New Phone Cases!

    Classic tokidoki style, even a TKDK one! 

    Going to post a Tokidoki x Christmas item everyday till Christmas!!! I love this season!!!  #christmascountdown #20 days